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Human exist with soul and corporality as nature; grow, develop and mature with a cycle from air to water, water to earth, earth to nature…  They create their own layers. Differences show up as the upper and lower layers evolved. Whichever core is heavier on their layers, they moves to there. Sometimes these layers can collapse. The Human who shaken by foundation, after a while endeavor to be tidied like nature. They answer with nature to nature as water to water, air to air. They create upper and lower worlds inside of them. They find themselves in the center, with deficiencies and flaws in peace.  Human no longer with their essence. To exist in nature that; no discrimination, within the area to be protected, as it comes; air to water, water to earth and earth to nature…

*Palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward.


Biography: Born in 1992. Photography that he started as a hobby when he was 12 turned out a profession while he was studying Physics Teaching at Faculty of Education od On Dokuz Mayıs University. He graduated from Photography Departmant of Fine Arts Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University with first degree to achive his dreams and passions. His first solo exhibition ‘Şaşkınlık Portreleri’ was held in Samsun. He also participated several group exhibitions and presentations. He maintains his art and professional works.