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Silent Blue


I'm in a garden of a museum at Gülhane Park that embowered in outer gardens of Topkapi Palace. It's somewhere silence that nobody can disturb you even when it is in the center of the city and you still can see parrots and storks under the great plane trees. This secret garden is an open-air museum and it has relics as important as every other museum. Some kind of its relics come from an inn of Eminönü, Tophane, Bakırköy, Sultanahmet and Süleymaniye.  But it has also different relics that come from far away. These relics come from ancient cities like Kyzikos, Priene and Miletos. Every one of these altars, stelas, tombs, column headers, friezes, gargoyles and sculptures takes you a different mythological story. There is Thetis; the Queen of the Seas on one side, and there is Medusa with her glassy looks on the other side. All of these relics' common point is they're all waiting silent under of a great plane tree.

This serial of mine that I titled "Silent Blue" is a follow-up and second serial that I made by Istanbul's historical gardens and it started with Istanbul Blue (2017). Relics in the gardens of Istanbul Archaeology Museums photographed by close and they printed with cyanotype technique that a sun print technique of 19th century.

Biography: Born in 1980, Izmir. She's graduated from Art History Programme of Ege University, then master at Photography Programme of Dokuz Eylül University and then doctorate at Ege University Art History Programme. She's working as research assistant from 2009 at Photography and Video Programme of Yıldız Teknik University Art and Design Faculty. She's working on Photography History and Hypothesis, and also she teach Photography History. She joined a photography conference titled "Helsinki Photomedia" in 2014 and 2016 with her own manifests. She held solo exhibitions at different fests and activities.