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BUFSAD Nature Photography Workshop

The Trees Living in Water


Trees; living creatures of the life cycle...The miracles of divine fiction... They are suppliers of water vapor in the atmosphere for the rain and moisture that every living things needs. … They absorb water with their roots and release them from the leaves by sweating. In addition to the evaporation of oceans and other bodies of water, trees are the most important elements that activate the water cycle and load water vapor into the atmosphere. Recent works have shown that 70 percent of atmospheric humidity in terrestrial areas comes from plants and it is much higher than previously thought. These studies support; forests are ' the lungs of the planet' in every way. This year's Fotofest project of BUFSAD Nature Photography Workshop is ‘' The Trees Living in the Water’’. Its purpose to emphasize the impact of climate change on the balance of nature in every way.

Trainer: Ahmet Çetin

Participants: A. Baki Özdemir, Filiz Çağlar, Gökşen Yücedağ, Mehmet Yıldız, Nesrin Akbaş, Zümrüt Deniz Köken

Biography: In 2007, By common consent of several nature volunteers from BUFSAD has been established and continues to work uninterruptedly. Nature Photography Workshop takes place in social and cultural projects with the works it conducts towards the protection of nature.