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The Traces of Time

Life; is consisting of an infinite number of frames a long filmstrip, Photography is the art of stopping time and capturing the moment in eternity. There are some photos that cram a whole period of time into a single frame. Nature encompasses all beings of living and inanimate substances that constantly renew and change themselves. Nature, which forms the basis of life, reveals the forms of the earth in all its glory. Mankind has been almost competing with nature for centuries. However, nature has always proved to preponderate over with its extraordinary power and reminded to mankind of its weakness at every opportunity.

We, as BUFSAD Long Exposure Workshop;  tried to get the frames that remind us that nature exists in every condition of a waterfall that sometimes finds its way by melting mountains and stones over time, sometimes waves that hit the shore as if to clean up all the dirt of the sea, sometimes with sunset dancing clouds posing for seconds. We tried to touch time and again we felt the power of nature in our frames.

Team Members;
Ahmet Acemoğlu, Ayhan Polat, Doğan Özezgi, Emine Özgenlik, Erdem Birmeç, Erhan Kutsal, Göksel Ergüneş, Gülay Atakan, Işıl Çimenbiçer, Mustafa Tepeli, Ömer Faruk Çelik, Serdar Burak, Sevdiye Borazan ve Ufuk Keçe.

Biography: BUFSAD was established in October 2018 under the instructor of Galip Çetiner to learn, develop and apply the long exposure technique to all branches of photography.