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The Waves

To nature's struggle with nature, added nature’s struggle with human. The destruction of the earth, which started with the Iron Age, continues until today. Although it may seem calm, the waters of the earth are now more combative. The wave takes its power from the wind and destroys everything it comes across with regular repetitions. Over time, it melts the stone and rock, it shapes and destroys them. Water leads up to rock and stone that metamorphosise. The first movement comes from the water. It creates resistance with rhythmic movements to the opposite. It dominates over it, by including it in its own connection and imprison it.  Then the ego reaches great pleasure, satisfies its power. In this series of photograph called ’Waves’, the wave is symbolically present. In the work where the struggle is explained; The water is perhaps be defeated, it bounces back as it hits, it calms down but it regains its strength and continues its movement repeatedly. Both in our inner world, in our daily lives and in social events; emotions, like waves, create a movement with vibration and show resistance to resistance. In the memories for the past, it proceed on their way with being sunk into oblivion at any moment.

Biography: Born in 1981, Hague city of Netherlands. She completed her education various schools in Turkey. In 2007, she completed her undergraduate degree at Photography Department of Mimar Sinan University. Between 2007-2016, she did photo shoots to various magazines. She still taking commercials, advertising photographs, architectural photographs, portrait photographs and he has been working at Illusion Photography Studio since 2013. In 2018, she started her Master's degree at Department of Basic Art and Design of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.