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Mother Nature

These photos taken during the year when I took my first professional camera. I like to be in nature, with nature. That's why she is my mother, source of inspiration. She breastfeeds me with her views, scenes and everything like my mother does to enrich me. My mother enriched me via her milk, Mother Nature still  enriches me with all her beauty inside.

Biography: I was born in Istanbul in 18th of August 1997. I study as a senior in the department of English Language and Literature in Istanbul University. Before that, I was studying in language class of Huseyin Burge Anatolian High School. At the same time, I am working as a translator in the rectorship of Istanbul University. As far as I know myself, I am into taking photography. It was a hobby before, now it is a passion that I cannot give up. I am taking photographs with my Canon AE-1. I had an exhibition experience while I participated in a project of MUDEM. The two of my photos that I took during the project were exhibited in the Naval Museum in 28-30th March 2019.