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Just Like a Dog

City dogs that born in town and forced to live in the nature. They live on the shore. Maybe the most innocuous form of the nature. If I would be in their shoes, I would definitely think likewise- live on shore -. I think the shortest way to meet the nature is being close to water. What would human do if it would be in the same situation? I wanted to made identification with dogs. They were townsmans, even they had institutions that connected with their earring numbers. Does it look familiar? Maybe it's an inevitable end with preferred or imperative. Living alone, moving with a group, shelter, victual, sexuality; these are the basic requirements for creatures. Interaction with nature, living together and struggling each other, is natural.

Biography: Born in 1986, İstanbul. In 2013, he started to Photography Programme of Mimar Sinan Fine Art University and graduated at 2018. Nowadays, he study master programme at the same university. He's creating documentary projects about city life and his focus of interests are social, political, ecological and current issues. He participated a lot of national and foreign photography festivals. He held group and solo exhibitions. He has photobooks by workshop projects that he participated. In 2017, he made photograph presentation in public programme of Biennal Istanbul and with photography collective of Demo Lab. that who's one of the founders he made, Istanbul Nereye (Tasarim Atolyesi Kadikoy) and Doyma Noktası -Saturation Point-  exhibitions (Artist Deneyim 28. Uluslararasi Istanbul Sanat Fuari).