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Mankind is always try to survive from the stone age. At the first ages, mankind was hunting and foraging. Nowadays it's making industry, farming and animal husbandary. But, the hunting that mankind do at the first ages is still continues at the water. Fishing is hunting to survive without helping them for breed. The connection between mankind and nature is lost when mankind started to produce instead of hunting. Fishermans are still doing that natural living idea. However you use modern techniques and equipments, you can't take more than nature gives you. People that comes from different cities gather in a boat and work hard, excited and wistfully. Sometimes they live on sea for long times. But when nets get full of fishes, nothing can make them sad.

This stories purpose is show and tell you the journey of fishermans that lives on sea and far from eyes.

Biography: Born in 1963, Bulgaria. Graduated from Gazi University in 1986. His enhusiasm on photography was because of his father’s interest. His first attempt to study photography systematically was at Photography Club of Gazi University.

His projects represented in group exhibitions at Oyak-Renault Photo Club so many times. He won awards, mentions and represents in national and international competitions. "Kırmızı Pasaport" in 2015, "Kent Meydanlarında Yaşam" in 2016 and "Namazgah" in 2018 represented at BursaFotoFest. He's a member of BUFSAD. He's an Educator of Basic Photography and Director of Development Atelier at BUFSAD. His main focus is social documentary photography.