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The Geometric Tree


Trees are one of the most basic bridges in nature, -in air-water-soil triangle-. While holding over the past with its strong roots extending deep into the soil; with their powerful trunk, they challenge and try to capture the future with branches that extend to the sky and freedom. In this journey, they carry water which is another basic element, in their hearts. They give us the chance to breathe, like never stop. Life is a tree and the tree of life is a representation of everything in creation associated with eternity. At the same time involves the contradictions, sometimes it becomes fire and burn, sometimes it becomes shadow and labe.

I wanted to show you these special beings from my frame in geometries that we will never see…

Biography: Born in Bursa. Electronic Engineer, completed her master degree on business administration. She worked in the private sector as chef and manager. She is a member of BUFSAD since 2006. She took part in 3 exhibitions of Osman Önder Photography Workshop, 3 books published and the team that won the Sami Güner Cup. She worked with 8 women photographers on an “untitled” project and held exhibitions in 8 cities.