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Different Countries, Same Perspective

I started to this work 6 months ago. I wasn't so sure about my project at the beginning but then it began to be more interesting. I wasn't sure because I wanted to do something different but I didn't have any chance. Then it occurred to me that from now on in every country that I visit, I would immortalize the moment with same perspective of my other photos in different countries that I been. From that day, I looked for the subjects and points of views that suitable for my photographs in every country that I go.

Biography: Born in 1996, Xanthi/GREECE. He finished his primary and secondary school in Xanthi and then he went to Athens for university. Now he's senior class student in Photography and Camera. His first exhibition held at Zapeion. His project "Kolaz" took a part in an exhibition that specialized for World Blood Donation Day. He also held an exhibition named "Still-Life" at his Fine Arts Faculty. And lastly his works represented in a local newspapers "photojournalism" themed exhibition.