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Bees and Beekeepers


Beekeeping is a holy job from the first ages. In all religions, they respect bees and bee products. Beekeeping is started when you took the honey in the tree hollow without destroy bees and leave the honey that bees need behind. This long-lasting adventure continued with hollowing trees then making bee hives because honey in the trees could not meet the needs of the people. In every bee hive, there's queen bee and hundreds of worker bees on her command to make honey.

This stories purpose is show you the bees and beekeepers journey that works hard to make honey.

Biography: Born in 1972, Erzurum. He  graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Education in 1995. He had  been  a director and teacher in different schools at Bursa. He's still a teacher in Bursa. He's started interested in photography in 2015.

Before that, he made street and portrait projects. Then he work on butterfly species that especially lives in Bursa. After finished his basic photography education with success at BUFSAD, he joined Development Atelier and Long Exposure Atelier. With Development Atelier, he started interested in documentary photography. He's still doing his works at BUFSAD Development Atelier.