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The Faces of the Wind

'The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears' says an Arab proverb.  Horses become the closest friends and comrades with human, throughout the history. They respond generously to every need of people. They become mounts, crossing roads and mountains, giving back to the lives of nomads and relieving their burden. They don’t spare their flesh, milk and they add power to the power of mankind. It is known that the first domestication of horses was in Asia. However, horses have an important place in every aspect of life in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire. We can see the importance that the Greek and Romans give to horses in their sculptures and mosaics. They wear wings and they called Pegasus, sometimes depicture with horns and they take name; Unicorn. Sometimes it becomes Centaur, which integrates with human beings. The epics of Homer are full of stories of legendary horses.

Biography: Born in 1982, Bulgaria. Earned a barchelor’s and master degree from Konya Selçuk University. She has been an English teacher at a public school since 2006. She has been taking pictures as a hobby since 2013. She held ‘Onar Dede’ exhibition at 8th Bursa International Photography Festival.  She took part in the ‘Liaoning-Bursa Photography Festival’ with her exhibition ‘Bursa Zeytini’ in China. She has photography project; 'Foto Hayatlar', 'Kuşatma', 'Düğünümüz Var', 'Anadolu'nun Yüzleri' and she still produce photography projects.