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The Base of Nature

The common point of every living thing in nature is that it consists of cell or cells. Our longing for nature, our closeness and our attempt to return to it may be due to the fact that we know that we also have a common ground. So we should not be surprised to try and find ourselves in nature. Of course, although we say that we are the same basic, every cell has its own image, a story that it wants to tell. It tries to show that all living things in nature are part of a whole but that it does not lose its unique beauties. It point up how perfect harmony we can be in nature despite our differences.

But despite so much in common with nature and harmony, why do we think that we still do not integrate with nature and try to get closer to it? Trying to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors; hunting, gathering or just trying to grow plants to watch, are really actions to meet our basic needs? Or are we unable to ignore the information ingrained in ourselves?

This series of photographs aims to show how much we are commune with nature that we shouldn't go too far for it, as a result that it is not difficult at all to give respect to nature and to live as a whole, and that it exists within us.

BiographyBorn in 1989, Balıkesir. In 2011, she graduated from Biology Programme of Hacettepe University and she completed her master degree in 2013. She works as a cytologist in a private pathology laboratory and continues her doctorate at Uludağ University. Her interest in photography comes from her job, which she loves. She took basic photography training under BUFSAD and still continues the development workshop course at BUFSAD. Her project for 2019 Bursa FotoFest will be her first exhibition that she participated.