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Water Fairy


Things that makes more excited to natures unique beauty is rhythmic colors in details, tracks, creations and shapes. When you look through the viewfinder, infinite beauty that right on the lens makes your finger to take billions of shots. Every light is a different thrill, different happiness... As much as you look at them makes you want to go in there, wants you to tell something or sometimes you just want to scream... Every drop makes me feel that much passion.

Just like a color reflect of endless journey...  It's warm, kind and frank just like an apple of secret words eyes'... I remember the first frame and also next ones substantiality. My project that I named "Water Fairy", pull me towards high mountains' rich nature every early mornings for 15 years and I shoot them... I see the light of love in my color heaven that I named "Water's Journey in Colors"... Water Fairy surrounded me not like only passion but an identity... Enjoy the show...

Biography: Born in 1964, Akçaabat/Trabzon. His primary and middle education at Akçaabat. His first interest about photography was in primary school. When he was 13, he set a dark-room and started to print. He publish 37 books about poetry, biography, researches, advertising and photography. He hold 39 exhibitions in Turkey and 6 exhibitions abroad and 5 of them at Paris, one of them at Dortmund. He goes on photography journey with that idea, "Photography is a school that educate lazy students, always teaches but never graduate."