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The Art of God; Oylat Cave


Nature's unique rhythm, its life-evolution, artistic texture calls human...
When human pass the art that nature offers them by without seeing,
When human pass, ‘Nature's call for self-return’  by without hearing,
And all of a sudden, on the walls of a dark cave 'when lit'
When it begins to look with eyes that have been united with the heart,
The human sees the Art of God, which exists everywhere,
In every single being in nature and in existence
Their own evolution-life, their own reflection in the mirror of nature…
And human hears nature's call to 'return to me'…
Hand in hand for life 'Earth-Air-Water' the protagonists of nature
And all life-evolution began with a drop of water in human and in nature…
A drop of water falls into the ground and wind blows, like breathing the air.
Life-evolution and the Art of God occur in every existence...
Life-evolution, which has spread to eternity, in the presence of an evolved human being,
Life and evolution spread to eternity, formation in a cave in Bursa,
That's where it deserves to be discovered ‘The Art of God, Oylat Cave’
Human wants to bear a torch on this art, while reflecting it in a few frames of photograph...


Biography: Born in 1975, Bursa. She completed her barchelor’s degrees at Department of Economics and Philosophy Department of Anadolu University.  She continues her master programme on Philosophy and Religious Sciences at Uludağ University. In 2009, she started her photography trainings at BUFSAD. In 2018, She took nature photography trainings at Koza Mountaineering Culture Art and Sports Club Association. In 2019, her photographs took a part at a group exhibition titled ‘Orman’ (Forest) of Nature Photography Workshop. She continues her education on street and city life photography with Koza Photography Group.