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The League of Littles


A tiny, tiny bird was frozen
He was put on my window sill,
I took him inside
To sing, Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!
While I stroked him, he revived,
Look my hands are empty now.

That's the beginning of the song of my childhood. Almost everyone remember that. This song is the inspire of The League of Littles. Big percent of us calls "Sparrow" to that birds they see on League of Littles. But there's a huge kind of them. I wanted to show you some kind of that birds with their real size with you precious photograph lovers.


Biography: Born in 1969, Muğla. He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics. In 2011 he started to interested in photography at Bursa. He has different awards and exhibitions in national and international competitions. He held solo exhibitions in 2015 called "Doğadan" (From Nature) and "Doğa" (Nature), then in 2018 he exhibited "Şehrimin Renkleri" (The Colors of My City). He held his first international exhibition at Shenyang/CHINA in 2018. He created ‘Çeki-yorum Photography Workplace’ in 2016. He has been teaching photography at different institutions and he is also a member of BUFSAD and AFFD.