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Cosmic Landscape. Iceland

There are places on Earth where you can come in contact with the Cosmos. In the depths of the Himalayan mountains, among the ice on the North Pole, in the center of the Tibetan plateau - the surrounding landscape is extremely harsh and endlessly monotonous, allows you to completely forget about the existence of human civilization. Space comes in the sensations of the primacy of landscape, the primordial nature of stone and ice, temporal and spatial infinity. The interaction of forms and lines, light and shadow is fascinating. This is enough to communicate with the Cosmos. Not only the person is not visible, but also its effects.

In Iceland, an unusual, almost physiological feeling is added that you are in the zone of fracture of the earth's crust. This feeling of complicity, proximity to the formation of the planet - a living cosmic body, which is hot inside, gurgles and bubbles, and for millions of years breaks through craters and cracks to the surface, creating a cosmic landscape.

Biography: He was born in 1961 in St.-Petersburg, Russia. By education - a physicist, worked as a researcher at the State Optical Institute. Chairman of the Union of Photo Artists of St.-Petersburg, photographer, curator. Author of 20 solo exhibitions, 2 photo albums. A member of the jury of photo contests. A traveler: more than 40 mountain and alpine skiing trips, kayaking and climbing, the Himalaya crossing by bike, skiing North Pole, trans-Tibetan expedition.

Churches of the Russian North. Novgorod, 2019
The Light of Tibet. Erarta museum, St.-Petersburg, 2017
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Sculrture of Women in Petersburg (together with V.Antoshchenkov), St.-Petersburg, 2018
The Kingdom of Zangskar, St.-Petersburg, 2018

The 2-nd International Forum of Ancient Cities, Ryazan, 2019 – 1-st place