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Landscapes Between Black and White


In this exhibition, most of them are black & white landscapes of nature presented for the first time and their details shot in black and white negative film. A. Gökhan Demirer, was interested in nature photography as a traveler and photographer during his wide period of photography, -especially Ansel Adams and Edward Weston-. He preferred black and white as well as taking colored photographs in nature.

Each photo is fundamentally an abstraction. Even in the roughest determination, the photograph presents a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional world. Black-and-white photography further enhances this abstraction with the lack of colors, allowing for more personal expressions. . Most of the photographs present images from Cappadocia, Nallıhanı and Taurus Mountains of 20 years ago with their constantly changing-transforming nature.

Biography: Born in 1960, Edirne. He graduated from Department of Economics of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Dokuz Eylül University. He served as a chairman and instructor at AFSAD. He was the organizer of the ‘Barış' (Peace) and. '40th Years’ (40. yıl) exhibitions.  He held solo exhibitions titled 'Hayatın Dışından' -From Outside of Life-, 'Paris Fotoğrafları' -Photographs of Paris- (2006), İzler (2019). He participated group exhibitions.  In 2017, he presented ‘evden işe’ (From Home to Work) Photo- Presentation that consisting of cell phone photos. In 2019, he published ‘Evden İşe’ photo album of the same project. He has won numerous awards from photography competitions that he had participated in for twenty years.