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The Life Coming By Water

Turkey's one of the coldest place is Kaz Lake in Çaldıran district of Van.  In winter, the temperature drops to -25 to -30 degrees. Even in these times, Kaz Lake is turn into a source of life.  It provides fresh grass for the animals living here and close villages. Mandates and cows feeding with fresh grass even in winter, thus villager relieves their burden.  The animals that coming to this area from 3 km; feeds themselves or their owners brings grass on raft to feed them.  The products obtained from these animals are also very natural and high quality. The Project of protecting and opening to tourism of Kaz Lake that prepared by Çaldıran district governorship and it supported by Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA).

Biography: Born in 1969, Rize. Agricultural Engineer.  His works published in various magazines, prestigious annuals, books, photo albums, calenders, postcards and brochures. He won many prizes and held exhibitions, on national and international photography contests. In 2011, he won second prize and in 2012 he won first prize of a photography contest that organized by National Geographic Magazine. In 2010, 2012 ,2014 he awarded by government photography contests.