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The Geological Formations


It can be said that it is the basic feature of the stones photographed that color and form feast of symbolizing existence. Even the evolution of the species can be read from them. The lines negate death. It has multiple meanings with decay and resistance to time. It made its adventure fairy tale by evolving form to form. The face on the stone is worried as alive. The layers of blues are sensed, when focusing more carefully. Each of generosity of the association of ideas is not overlooked. Each has originality that deserves to be named. From the front it says something else, another side says others...

It has better to emphasizing; the faces on the stones, the shadows of the line are a gift of nature. It is a gift to man, the person who will discover and watch that detail. A complete source of inspiration for the artist dedicated to aesthetic creativity. It is the mirror of the sun, the joy of the wind, the handprint of the past…


Biography: He was born in 1964 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He settled in Bursa with his family in 1978. In 2007, he participated in BUFSAD basic photography training. He took part in 17 exhibitions - 6 of were solo-. He was chosen 5 times to the national team that consist ten people represents Turkey in Nature Biennals where National Photography Federations compete. In 2010, he placed 3rd at nature category of National Geographic and in 2013, he placed 1st at the same category. he has been working as an instructor at BUFSAD and various institutions for basic photography training and nature photography workshop programs since 2009.