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The Journey of Tulip


Muş plain lives fertility and rebirth after a heavy snowfall. It beautifies with spring rains as a new bride and the most valuable beauty are Muş Tulips. Tulip is a symbol of beauty, grace and and a passionate love. As the painter draws on his canvas; the plain changing to red and mountains to green and white...

Central Asia is the homeland of Muş Tulips that considered one of the wonders of nature. It was planted in Suboyu (Hunan) village of Muş that was brought from Central Asia. Due to time and natural conditions, it covered the entire plain of Muş. This endemic flower that grows spontaneously in the natural environment, it  beautifies the plains and mountains of  Muş even it has just 15 days for live. The Tulip gardens that beautifies plain od Muş, are gradually decrease due to wrong farming.


Biography: Born in 1981, Muş. He is high-school graduate and he was involving in photography for 20 years. He started this job without any photography training and he is continuing willingly. He loves nature due to his photographs’ main theme on nature. He held a lot of national and international exhibitions. His articles and photographs published on many magazines. Besides photography, he is engaged in mountaineering. He is a chairman at ‘Muş Doğa Gezginleri Derneği’ and owner of ‘Muş Fotoğraf Evi’.