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The Leaf Portraits

It is neither as colorful as a flower nor as cold as a stone… A leaf is somewhere between in these two elements in terms of visual aesthetics. It doesn't usually have the desired visuality when we treat them as singular, but when we treat them as plural, it is almost like a pigment; determines the color of the forest, nature. Moreover, this determining factor is making us a tour of the color scale with seasonal transitions. In other words, "leaves play a decisive role in the thematic colors of the seasons". No wonder, we are missing the small details of the leaves that we like to see millions of in landscape photographs. Therefore, in my photographic works where I focused on the leaves, I wanted to draw attention to their elegant structures.

Biography: Born in 1988, Bursa. After completing his bachelor's degree on Business Administration, he graduated from the Associate Degree of Photography and Videography. Although he started taking photographs in 2009, he focused on art photography in early 2013. In addition to being first at “İnegöl’ün Çekim Gücü” and “İnegöl Sokak Hayvanları” competitions, he won exhibition awards at national competitions. Adem Akçora, who worked as a master teacher for 3 terms in municipal and public education courses, is still working as a photographer at production works of various public companies.