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Terra, Aqau, Aer and Three Beauties

Air: Our Mental Constract; Vernal Equinox
Water: Our Emotional Constract; Autumnal Equinox
Earth: Our Physical Constract; Winter Equinox. All these elements are in nature and balanced...

Our body is a combination of elemants that a part of world.  We are creatures that can travel with water in a physical body that made by earth elements. We have property to be interface and cross member by having a connection with earth' air body. Probably, our body will be in balance as much as elements in our body balanced within themselves and each other. Terra, aqau, aer is three beauties. Hello life, with milestones of life that price of journey to soul from Three Beauties.


Biography: Born in Adana. She graduated from Chemical Programme of Faculty of Science and Letters. She is still chemical teacher. She is interested in photography for 7 years. She took basic and advanced photography education at BUFSAD. She joined documantary workshops. She won exhibition award at 12th National Photography Competition that presented by Alanya Municipality.