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Colors are the life cycle of every living thing on earth.

Green, red, blue, awakening of nature to colors.

Forest, earth, air, water.

Each in a separate color, separate harmony. Colors; the theme of art is the composition of form.

It is nature, the most beautiful form of expression of colors.

Colors are the phenomenon of time separation, the form of plants, the way they perceive the appearance of living things.

While life understanding of living things consists of light and darkness, color; is the meaning of life and the form of life.

The human eye is filled with rod cells that are insensitive to colors that perceive and 3 types of cone cells sensitive to red, green and blue colors the intensity of light through the web layer.

From the blend of these three basic colors, a spectacular fiction and diversity show up.

Human beings have expanded their habitats and caused global climate change and the destruction of nature. Colors get their share from the destruction process of nature.

This year's project is the destruction of nature's green, blue, red in glass sphere.

I hope that future generations will not only see nature through the glass sphere.

Biography: In 1984, she was born in Kirkuk as the daughter of a Turkmen family. In 1990, she emigrated with her family and settled in Ankara, in Turkey. She graduated from Department of Science Education, Karadeniz Technical University. In 2016, she completed her the 84th semester basic photography training of BUFSAD. She attended photography trainings in documentary and nature workshops. She continues her teaching profession.