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The Rain

An essay about embody concepts. Photographs are not only a visual image. They also can turn into concepts embodied forms. This situation gives you a new experience by make them have a closer objective interaction between audience and photograph. The practices that query of concepts photographic visual "reality" carry them, behind just a print card but also give them new potential experimental spaces. Photographic-based production styles can have genuine styles about language and creativity only if they're stick to a concept. Rain concept is having a different shape of description and letting yourself to thinking about "reality". Objectively formalize of photographic image is also an important difference of perception. That difference brings an emotional experience to audience and also takes them out of ordinary visual imaginary expression. All of them have an intellectual process just like a new design of photographic reading /experience.

Biography: Born in 1967, İzmir. In 1992, he graduated from Cinema-TV-Photograph programme of Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts Faculty. In 2018 he started to master programme. He participated to group exhibitions in İzmir and Ankara. He has taken advertising photographs for national and global companies. Since 2009, he lectures in basic photography, digital photography, advertising photography and studio photography in different companies and also he's taking photos for advertising projects.