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Chrysanthemum is the name of flower that symbolizes death in the world. A flower is a companion with the meaning of sorrow, longing, hankering. This flower that originates in Far Asia and taken its name from the ancient Greek, has been traveling from land to land since 1630.

As a result of my photographic work in Seferihisar district of Izmir; I have observed and photographed the journey of flower planting to soil phase and harvest phase. The widespread use of this flower in the world; funeral ceremonies, memorials and mourning days. Although it is known that it is sometimes used in special days in our country, this situation finds ironically by flower producers.

As meeting of all flowers with air, water and earth, chrysanthemum; travels from land to land with existence and usage (consumption) cycle and returns to nature.


Biography: Born in Çanakkale. In 1978, he started photography and experienced dark room. In 2013, he became a member of Izmir Photographic Art Association (IFOD). In 2014, he graduated from Photography and Videography Programme of Anadolu University. He won prizes from many national and international competitions. In 2015, he received FIAP Life Card, in 2016 AFIAP title and in 2018 EFIAP title. He held 3 solo exhibitions. He teaches photography at Istanbul Technical University Development Foundation School in Izmir.