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We Came From The Ground and We Return to Ground


Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

The perception of the holiness of the land that existed before the Muslim period in Turks, It became even more important with the acceptance of Islam. According to the Islamic belief, the first human being Adam was created from earth. Demanding to Satan who created from fire to kowtow to man created from earth and the rejection of Satan and his expulsion from heaven makes the land even more special.

The 'touch of the forehead' which began with kowtow to Adam, was the source of expressions that conveyed many emotions such as acceptance, respect, devotion, obedience and consent. It is the closest moment of the Lord and its creature.

The earth which is regarded as one of the main elements of the creation of the world and man; it is the place where the al -Hayy (Who has eternal life) name of Allah is appeared most. It contains both abundance and vitality, and gives more than what is planted.

If the ground is so beautiful, it is good to return to the ground…

Biography: Born in Eskişehir. Graduated from the Management Department of Middle East Technical University. She was interested in photography since 2010. She attended documentary photography workshops at BUFSAD and IFSAK. She completed the Photography and Videography Department of Vocational School at Anadolu University. She participated various group exhibitions. She lives in Bursa and works on photography as an amateur.