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The Metamorphosis

The Series of transfer printing photos to real leaves focus on concretion of green areas with urban transformation. Within urban transformation projects, in question that destruction of public areas such as Validebag Grove, Yogurtcu Park and Kusdili Meadow. Under these circumstances, public and non-governmental organizations are trying to be prevented. Leaves of different types collected from green trees around there, constitutes the background, raw material and topic of the series. In a sense, the leaves are endemic, which have been an organic part of Istanbul for centuries, are positioned as the raw material of the series and presented to the audience with a metonomic relationship.

Biography: Born in 1984, İstanbul. He completed bachelors and master degrees on Photography Programme at Marmara University. He attended a lot of national and international group exhibitions and he receive many prizes in various national and international competetions. He continue his photography works mainly on art. In 2013 he received 2nd prize at Büyükçekmece Municipality International Photography Competition.